Location : Imabari, Ehime
Use : temple facility
Completion : 2011/8
Structure : Timber
Number of stories : 1 story
Site area : 1,922.14m2
Building area : 54.40 m2
Architectural area : 33.51 m2
Structure: tmsd Takashi Manda structural design office
Equipment : Environmental engineering
Lighting : Sirius Lighting Office
photo by Toru Kitamura (1 , 4)
photo by Daici Ano(5 - 7)


Imabari, Ehime It is a temple facility in one of the Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan. The large roof made with local tiling takes pilgrims in and provides open spaces. Sometimes kindergarten children come and have a lunch as excursion. By combining traditional materials like Japanese cypress, stucco, interstitial wood wall and modern elements, we aspired to make the building simple and congenial for all generations.