Location : Imabari, Ehime
Use : temple office and priest's quarters
Completion : 2011/10
Structure : RC
Number of stories : 3 story
Site area : 1,922.14m2
Building area : 75.37 m2
Architectural area : 184.61 m2
Structure : tmsd Takashi Manda structural design office
Equipment : Environmental engineering
Lighting : Sirius Lighting Office
photo by Toru Kitamura(1 - 7)
photo by Izumi Tabe(8)
photo by Daici Ano(9 - 16)


Enbutsudo is a hall for the chief priest's living place and temple office at Eifukuji Temple in Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan. The 77 aperture gouging obliquely the 700mm thick outside wall - the characteristic elements of the building - provides some effects with the inner spaces Each aperture cut towards various angles. The one that keeps his private life quiet from many visitors with putting light from the sky in looks upward, and the other that interrupts light in summer sunset and accepts winter light looks northwards for example. And the indoor airflow is also led by the aperture settled through the ceiling. In this way the tilt of each aperture is individually decided by taking the surrounding elements of various scales such as visitor's circulation, relation of the placement with the main hall, appearance of the mountain behind, and movement of the daylight into consideration, to play the function.




2012年度JIA優秀建築選 / 第8回日本漆喰協会作品賞 / JCDデザインアワードBEST100 / 新建築2012年3月号掲載 / C3 MAGAZINE no.344掲載